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Thread: Keys disappearing to chests

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    Angry Keys disappearing to chests

    My keys disappear to my chests after going through the tasks to obtain the key. I competed it, which takes days, by the way, and the key appears, then when I go to use it, it says I have no key. This has happened twice now. Makes me not want to play it at all. I spent days making 5 jars and to see it not work and no way to reset it?! I wrote to support but have not heard back.

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    House on Fire in Chapter 1 and Town Festival in Chapter 2 so far. I'm afraid to try another one.

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    Hi, there are some known problems with keys and robes. If I could direct you to the specific thread here in the Forum on that issue. Click HERE. The one bit of info that I do need from you is your Game ID if we need someone to go into your game. You can find that by clicking on "My ID" just below the neighbor bar in your Hometown. Please post your problem details on that thread.

    Sorry for your frustrations and we will try and get you fixed up ASAP.

    As you are just starting, I have a few resources to offer you to help make JoJ easier and more enjoyable.

    1. There are several game player groups of players come together to share game tips, help, request links, find neighbors and Christian fellowship. If you are interested, my group is It's About Jesus JoJ Game Players and you can join it through the link in my signature or just type It's About Jesus into facebook and it will find the group.

    2. Lightside has its own official group page. There you can find game help, fellowship, updated game info and quizzes/contests to win prizes like gold bars and rubies. Click HERE to join the Lightside page.

    3. Finally, a group of players are building a game Wiki with info on JoJ. It is a work in progress, but already has enough info you might find it helpful. Click HERE for the Wiki.

    Sign up HERE to join the Lightside group page.

    Be Joyful Always....Pray Continually....Give Thanks in All Circumstances (1 Thes 16)

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