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Thread: Open new treasure

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    Open new treasure

    I keep seeing the icon on my game when I play showing a chest and entitled "Open New Treasure", however, when I click on it so that I may finished the event it has no button to click on to go to the event and finished. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Good day, David. You are not doing something wrong. Because we are limited to how many links we can apply to a map, not all side tasks will take you back to the map location. We have a team of players that created a WIKI which is a great resource for players for game help. Here is a link to the JOJ Wiki. Your other option is to submit a ticket to our help desk and they can look into your game to see where you are having trouble. You will need to provide your game and Facebook ID on the ticket. Those numbers can found in your game on the Game ID tab at the bottom of your screen when you load the game. Here is the link to the help desk.

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