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Thread: "Games Parents Play" iPad Air 2 giveaway!

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    "Games Parents Play" iPad Air 2 giveaway!

    "Games Parents Play"

    How often do you evaluate your choices?

    As technology has entered our homes through computers and mobile devices are the choices you make for yourself affecting the children around you?

    Lightside is bringing the gaming world into the Light because we believe that what you do on your computer or mobile device matters!

    Using this link, share the video on your timeline for a chance to win an IPAD Air 2.

    Shocking to think just how influential kids are...

    Share the "Game Parents Play" video on your timeline and encourage all your friends and family to share the video.

    Send in the number of shares you have gathered along with your Facebook name so we may verify your total shares to have the opportunity to win a FREE iPAD!


    1) Submissions must be submitted no later than Nov. 30th, 2015, midnight CST.
    2) All submissions should be sent into with a valid email address and name. In the event you win, we will attempt to contact you via the email used with the original submission.
    3) Submit one Facebook account per email. If you have privacy settings that prevent us from checking your account, we may need to contact you via your other mail on Facebook to request access.
    4) All submissions sent become property of Lightside
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