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    Announcement and Instructions

    Coloring in the LIGHT!

    It is mesmerizing to see God's LIGHT
    reflecting through Stained Glass!

    Let the LIGHT of the Season
    shining in you show through
    the Stained Glass pages!

    Submit your best colorful work of art
    using the Stained Glass images found HERE.

    Send in a picture(s) of your Stained Glass Artwork
    to have the opportunity to win a FREE iPAD MINI 2!

    Let the Colorful LIGHT shine through
    the Stained Glass!

    Don't must also

    Helpful Suggestions:

    1) Have more fun with friends! Shine the LIGHT together in Youth Groups,
    Sunday School classes, Private and Home Schools,
    family time with grandparents, parents and children!

    2) Submit photos of everyone coloring God's LIGHT on the pages!

    3) Submit photos of the Artist holding their best Stained Glass artwork!

    4) Want to increase your opportunity to win? Color more than one page!
    More pages = more opportunities to win the FREE iPAD MINI 2!


    1) Photos must be submitted no later than Nov. 30th, 2015, midnight CST.
    2) All submissions should be sent into with a valid email address and name. In the event you win, we will attempt to contact you via the email used with the original submission.
    3) Submit one picture per email to be eligible for multiple opportunities; each submission must be different (not the same picture).
    4) All submissions sent become property of Lightside

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