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Thread: Tips For Challenging Level 113!

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    Tips For Challenging Level 113!

    Tips For Challenging Levels

    All of our Stained Glass levels are fun and exciting ... but some can be a bit more challenging to complete than others.

    If you find yourself playing a level that you find ever so slightly more daunting, try using these useful tips to help you out:

    1. Try starting at the bottom of Game Boards, especially in the corners.
    But, be careful!
    There are some Special Stained Glass pieces (like Doves) that BLOCK other Glass pieces from falling down. You must collect those Special pieces first so that your other Glass pieces will stream on down the board unobstructed!

    2. Before starting the Board, make sure that you have some VERY useful Hammer Boosts to help you along the way!
    On the Level Start Popup of every level, you have the option to gather 3 Hammer Boosts for Butterflies!
    Make sure that you have these handy and ready to go BEFORE you enter the level challenge (see screenshots below)!
    And remember, when you use Boosts you will NOT use up any Moves!

    3. Consider your future moves before moving that first piece!
    Multiple matches with just one move not only increases your score and gives extra bonus points on the adjacent Glass pieces ... but this helps to free up those tricky Special Stained Glass pieces (like Doves) off of the board in less moves!

    4. Acquire Boosts inside the Game Level!
    For those that choose, you can also get GREAT Boosts on the Level Information pop-up OR inside the Game Level! As mentioned before, Boosts do NOT use up any of your Moves inside the game! So, take advantage of clearing boards with ease and in less time! Now that is awesome!

    Let's take a quick peek at Level 113 and how Boosts can help with this challenging level.

    In level 113, you need to free the Stained Glass Doves.
    That's not too difficult ...
    But there are 10 Doves, and each one has 4 Stages before the Dove is able to be set free. You can complete this board a bit easier with the helpful Tips above.

    Some players have wondered what the other Boosts do for this level.

    Well ... Let's see ...

    Scoop Boosts will remove ALL of the Glass pieces off of an ENTIRE ROW ... they will even make Special Stained Glass pieces like the Dove go to the next Stage!

    Hammer Boosts do the same as Scoop Boosts, but on one piece only rather than the entire row.

    Super Bonus Boosts will increase the value of all Glass piece requirements "+1" for each Super Bonus Boost used. That's so very helpful when you only have ONE more move left and only need ONE more requirement point.

    Shuffle Boosts will Shuffle the Glass pieces on the entire board (not Special Stained Glass pieces like the Dove) and possibly give you better multiple matches that you could make.

    5 Extra Moves Boost will add 5 additional Moves to any Game Level! Really nice on those boards when you find yourself saying that you 'just need a couple of more Moves'!

    Whether you play with or without Boosts, all of the levels in the Stained Glass Game are fun, enjoyable and entertaining. Yes, a few are somewhat challenging ... but that's to feed the 'gamer' in us all that thrives to step up to life's challenges and WIN!

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