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    Hi! Be my friend? please. Love from Tokyo
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    Facebook ID: 100000401325785

    Game ID: 1653778
    Plz, reset my Pond 3 in Noah's ark
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    In Journey of Jesus, I have already gone completely through the "favorites" (Wedding at Cana and all those) once and earned the jewel, then started through it a second time; now it's putting me back to the beginning like I've never done any of it! What gives? I've already "earned" one level and started through with payment of a large quantity of whatever it asked for (logs or something) to finish it all in the allotted time. It's frustrating to be plugging along and come back the next day and it's all wiped out (I had suspected some of this, but now know it happened). Please help me recapture what I've already done.
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    Ch 6 repentant Woman 2
    I was playing this stage and the game was not saving phase.
    Days later, when I picked the 3 grape baskets hidden in the cushions to give the servant the game did not save this crop, and now only have 1 basket grape to give the servant, and the pads are not more so "shake" to I take back the baskets of them.
    I would like to restart this stage, or any solution for this, please!
    Sorry my English, I'm Brazilian, and I do not speak very well!
    Thank you, God Bless!
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    Hi my name is Christina Walters and I am having a problem with getting gifts that my friends send me. I have over 700 gifts in my envelope, but when I try to accept them they don't show up to use and then after I click to accept and send back, they start showing all over again. This is of course for the bible game. I see where others are posting for the other games, which to me they shouldn't be posting on here for them, but on the forums for those games. My Facebook ID: 100000578771724. I would like to be able to play the game with the extra energy I have, but like I said it won't let me accept the gifts sent to me. Could you please fix this problem. Also, you should look into the forum where we are supposed to be able to report bugs to the game since it won't allow us. It keeps saying we don't have permission to post in the areas. That is why you are probably getting all these personal messages from players. No area will let us post in it that we need.
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    I am having trouble with Paralyzed man 1 it tells me that I still have 5 things to do but I have click on everything and everyone and there is nothing left. Also, Ten talents I still can not finish loading the mules, can you give me a hint of what is up
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    not sure how to get help for a concern that I've been asking for help for about a month now. I'm stuck at chp 4. Shows crowd control on Home Page where I need 5 ropes, the map for Chp 4 has nothing I can click on, three of them are done, the other two locked. I love this game but need help to continue playing.

    Vickie Hogue
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    Hey tigs how goes. Have missed you since lgp days.
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    Hello Good evening, I'm having a problem Journey of Jesus in chapter 3-3 on Rejection first to ask me to make a mousetrap and have no material to make it and already picked all items. Forgiveness now and thank you.
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    Giggles here and I still have no play in Moses! I cannot do any quests and I cannot get any bonus maps. As I sit here week after week, I know all my friends are forging ahead in their journey as I sit unable to function in this game. PLEASE FIX THIS AWFUL PROBLEM! It really isnt fair!
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