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  1. New Area! - Jordan River
  2. New Area! - Sea of Galilee
  3. New Area! - Wedding at Cana
  4. Jesus vs El Diablo
  5. Read the FOXNews Article on Journey of Jesus: The Calling!
  6. Read the Time.com Article written about Journey of Jesus: The Calling
  7. Journey of Jesus: The Calling Officially Released!
  8. Exciting Article from the Blaze! Read and Share!
  9. New Release! Money Changers at the Temple?
  10. Meet the CEO of Lightside Games
  11. In the news! Read Christian News Wire!
  12. Pinterest FREE Gold bar giveaway!
  13. Jesus on Pinterest!
  14. gmc Giveaway! 300 FREE Gold Bars!
  15. Visit our Lightside Reader!
  16. New Lost Sheep Parable!
  17. New Chapter 2 Passover Night Maps
  18. Help with Compassion!
  19. Journey of Jesus Update!
  20. Prayer Request for Lightside Games Staff members
  21. Have A Blessed Memorial Day!
  22. New Maps Released!
  23. POLL VOTE! You decide!
  24. New CEO Update!
  25. Parable of Talents Map
  26. FREE Gold Bars June 7th!!
  27. Meet the Pinterest Winners!!
  28. New Maps Released!
  29. Cleansing Stream Ministries
  30. New Chapter Release! The Official's son is sick!
  31. Get Fanpage Updates!
  32. Father's day sale!
  33. New CEO Update!
  34. New Maps Released!
  35. New Maps Released!
  36. New Maps Released!
  37. Video Update: Brent Dusing, CEO of Lightside Games
  38. Happy Independence Day!
  39. New Maps Released!
  40. I LIKE JESUS: Gold Bar Giveaway!
  41. New Maps Released!
  42. New Maps Released!
  43. Video Update: Brent Dusing, CEO of Lightside Games
  44. Announcing This Week's Gold Bar Winners!
  45. New Maps Released!
  46. Want to Chat with the CEO?
  47. Need Blue Gems?
  48. New Maps Released!
  49. Video Update: Brent Dusing, CEO of Lightside Games
  50. New Maps Released!
  51. New Maps Released!
  52. New Maps Released!
  53. Get Gold Bars Here!!
  54. New Maps Released!
  55. New Maps Released!
  56. New Maps Released!
  57. New Map Release!
  58. CEO Blog Update!
  59. New Maps Released!
  60. New Maps Released!
  61. NEW Game Feature!! Check this out!
  62. ANNOUNCEMENT: Get NEW Relics for YOUR Hometown!!
  63. Make Time For God!
  64. New! Need More Room? Expand your Hometown!
  65. New Maps Released!
  66. New Maps Released!
  67. Do you spend time sharing God's Word?
  68. New Maps Released!
  69. NEW MAPS! Chapter 6
  70. Pinterest GOLD BAR Winners!
  71. New Relics! Feed God's Children!
  72. New Chapter Release! Does the Centurion have faith?
  73. "I LIKE JESUS" Gold Bar Winners!
  74. Labor Day GOLD BAR SALE! Limited Time!
  75. New Parable Maps! Join in the Feast!
  76. New Golden Tool Package! Hurry! Limited Time!
  77. Congratulations Turkey!
  78. Announcement: Duplicate Items Removed
  79. New Maps! Tragedy has struck Nain!
  80. New Blog Post! What are your Characteristics?
  81. New Maps Released! John is in Prison!
  82. New Maps Released! The Orphans are lost!
  83. Is Jesus Your Passion?
  84. New Maps Released! Help the Sinful Woman find Jesus!
  85. Are You Successful In Your Role As A Christian?
  86. New Maps! Demons Have Taken Over Mary Magdalene!
  87. New Maps! Is John the Baptist being released from Prison?
  88. 1,000 NEW PLAYERS! Mission Complete!
  89. Get The NEW Angel for your hometown!
  90. New Maps Released! Save John The Baptist!
  91. New Blog! Don't Take Less Than 110%!!
  92. Announcing This Week's Gold Bar Winners!
  93. New Treasure Map!
  94. New Maps Released! Witness Jesus heal the Possessed Blind Mute!
  95. New Maps! Can Faith calm the Storm?
  96. New Maps! Beware When Entering Gadara!
  97. New Parable Maps! Will The Father Show Mercy On The Lost?
  98. New Maps Released! Can Jesus save the terrified souls?
  99. Check Out Next Week's Sneak Peak!!
  100. New Maps Released! A Friend Is In Dire Need!
  102. Update: Map Dilemma Resolved!
  103. New Maps Released! Jairusí young daughter has died! What happened?
  104. New Maps Released! Two Blind Believers!
  105. New Video! Check It Out!
  106. New Maps Released! Let The Mute Speak!
  107. New Maps Released! Disciples Daringly Deploy!
  108. New Sneak Peak! New Upcoming and Exciting Features coming SOON!
  109. New Maps Released! Shake The Dust From Your Feet!
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  111. Prayer Request: Sandy Hurricane
  112. New Parable Maps! Sowing Seed Quandry
  113. Jesus Feeds 5,000! Check out the NEW Sneak Peek!
  114. NEW MAPS! Cultivating Calamity!
  115. Hurry! Limited Time Relics For Your Hometown!
  116. I LIKE JESUS: Gold Bar WINNERS!
  117. New Maps Released! Disciples Go Home....
  118. Magnificent Milestone Achieved! Thank you!!
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  120. Meet the Pinterest FREE GOLD BAR Winners!
  121. We Need You!! Lightside Games is Expanding!
  122. Feeding the Famished! Play the NEW MAPS TODAY!
  123. New Game Testers Needed!
  124. New Maps! Money Matters!
  125. New Feature! Hometown Havoc!!
  126. Congratulations Italy!
  127. New Maps!! STOP, Thief!
  128. Gold Bar Winners!! Congratulations!
  129. New Maps Released! Interrogate Ziva!
  130. Happy Thanksgiving!
  131. Gold Bar Winners!! Congratulations!
  132. New Maps Released!
  133. Mother Mary has a story to tell you!!
  134. Gold Bar Winners!! Congratulations!
  135. New Maps Released! Mayhem in Magadan?
  136. Play The REAL Christmas Story!!
  137. New Maps! What will the Pharisees do to Jesus?
  138. Chapter 8 Parable Replay Resolved!
  139. New Maps! Silent Night....Holy Night!
  140. Be a *Favor Player* and Subscribe TODAY!
  141. More Gold Bar WINNERS!
  142. New Christmas maps! Wise men STILL seek Him!
  143. New Maps! Blind in Bethsaida
  144. New Year's Sneak Peek!
  145. New Blog Post!
  146. New Maps! Mt Hermon, Here we come!
  147. Gold Bar Giveaway.....WINNERS Announced!
  148. New Maps! Disciples Faith...is it as big as a Mustard seed?
  149. Trader Upgrade! Make Crystals Faster!
  150. Jan 7th Gold Bar Giveaway.....WINNERS Announced!
  151. New Parable Maps! Plethora of Debt!
  152. Jan14 Gold Bar Giveaway!....Winners Announced!
  153. New Relic Maps! 4 Million Souls Reached! Come Celebrate!
  154. New Maps Released! Join The Feast!
  155. NEW iPAD SKINS! Hurry, Sale Ends Soon!
  156. New Maps! Temple Trickery!?!
  157. Have Prayer Requests? Share them here!
  158. New Maps! Up To No Good!!
  159. New Maps Released! Sight for the Blind?
  160. New Maps! Jesus Heals The Blind Man!
  161. Trader #2 Dilemma
  162. Trader #2 Resolved!
  163. Jesus Is Coming Soon!
  164. Video Testimonials!
  165. New Facebook Players Group Just For You!
  166. Check out the NEW JOJ Wiki!!
  167. 25 free gold bar giveaway!!!
  168. Hurry! Limited Time Only! Get Your Baby Animals today!
  169. NEW RELICS! The Faith Tree and Living Well!
  170. June 2013 Lightside Insider Newsletter
  171. FREE Living Well and FREE Gold bars!
  172. 200, 100 and 50 FREE GOLD BARS!!
  173. Check out this new VIDEO!!
  174. Lightside FREE Prize Giveaways!
  175. Get FREE Energy in your JOJ Game!!
  176. We Appreciate You!
  177. Be A Cheerful Giver!
  178. NEW! Limited Time Mystery Boxes Just For You!
  179. NEW! Labor Day Relic Event
  180. NEW TRANSLATIONS! SHARE with others!
  181. Who Called Pilate? New Chapter 15 Map!
  182. Join Lightside on Facebook!
  183. Prayer Request For Lightside
  184. New Chapter 15 Map! The Events That Changed History
  185. Java Scripts Most Recent Update!
  186. New Map! Golgotha - Witness the events that changed history!
  187. Good News 1 ~ New Event Map
  188. NEW Saving Grace Veterans Day Relic!
  189. Good News 3 ~ Event Map
  190. Salvation Message~ New Map Release! - Good News 4
  191. Good News 4 ~ Event Map Released!
  192. Good News 5!
  193. Chapter 15 New Map! It is Finished or Is it?
  194. New Sales Packs!
  195. New Chapter Map! The Tomb Is Empty!
  196. New Chapter Map! This Is Good News!
  197. NEW! Christmas Timed Event!
  198. 2014 New Year's Exclusive Items In The Store!
  199. 2014 New Year's Timed Event
  200. New Chapter Map! Journey to Jerusalem
  201. NEW! Jesus is King Day Celebration!
  202. NEW Chapter 16 Map! Arrival in Jerusalem!
  203. NEW RELIC! Thank you JOJ players
  204. 2014 Valentine's Day Timed Event!
  205. Valentine's Day Timed Event 2014
  206. Help Support Christian Entertainment
  207. Valentine's day event update
  208. Angel of Grace
  209. Chapter 16 ~ Pentecost III
  210. Prayer Request for Frank
  211. NEW! Chapter 17 Map....Join Peter and John!
  212. New! Market Meeting in Chapter 17!
  213. St Patrick's Day Event 2014
  214. Lightside Turns 4 Today!
  215. Easter 2014 Event
  216. Memorial Day 2014 Event
  217. Father's Day 2014 Event
  218. New Feature!
  219. NEW! Stained Glass is Coming!
  220. New game coming soon
  221. Stained Glass Now Available in Beta Version for Android AND Get the App from iTunes!
  222. New Chapter 4 Legacy Maps
  223. New Chapter 5 Legacy Maps
  224. Today's JoJ Release--including SECOND Crafting Cottage
  226. Release of the Rahab Story
  227. What's on your mobile? Kids know more than you think.
  228. "Games Parents Play" iPad Air 2 giveaway!
  229. "SHOCKING NEWS" from The Blaze
  230. Glenn Beck Enjoys Stained Glass!
  231. Finding God In Games - Focus on the Family
  232. How a Video Game Won 16,000 People to Christ - CBN News
  233. Christian Gaming App Leads 16,000 People to the Cross - The Christian Post
  234. How a Video Game Won 16,000 People to Christ - Charismanews.com
  235. Finding God in Silicon Valley: Spiritual Journeys in a High-Tech World
  236. Churches are talking about Stained Glass!
  237. Stained Glass makes headlines!
  238. Can Playing Mobile Games Make You a Better Christian?
  239. Baptist Press features Stained Glass
  240. Mobile Gaming - An Avenue to Share the Gospel
  241. Stained Glass Brings Gospel to Video Game Industry!
  242. New! Devotional maps!